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Newborn Baby

This approach was created by Lauren Weber from Isla-Grace Sleep.Here is a description of the approach and what it involves: 

We created the Baby-Led Sleep™ approach to place an emphasis on a mother’s instinct and a baby’s cues. Our mission is to help parents find sleep solutions through responsive parenting practices while building connected relationships. We are passionate about helping families improve sleep without resorting to sleep training, we have developed a program that:

  • respects and nurtures the attachment system;

  • supports the natural progression of development;

  • gives parents an understanding of what “normal” baby sleep looks like;

  • appreciates your baby’s still-developing brain and dominant survival instinct;

  • encourages parents to believe and to follow their own instincts; and

  • empowers parents to make changes to improve the quality of their baby’s sleep.

What is the Baby-Led Sleep  Approach?


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