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Young Family

4 week sleep support-$500

What does it include? 

For this support, you will be filling in a thorough intake form which includes a feeding and sleeping log along with many questions that help me best understand not just your baby's sleep but also their temperament, their overall health, along with how you are feeling as a parent so I can best support you throughout our work together. I will be analyzing the form in order to best support your family within 72 hours of receiving intake. Next, we will set up a sleep education call in which we discuss age-appropriate expectations as well as foundations for healthy sleep. During this call, I will also be pointing out any red flags to determine if you should seek additional support before our work together (ex. signs of possible tongue tie, iron deficiency, and others). I also will provide you with emotional support and show you what an amazing job you are doing already with your little one along with explaining more about the Baby-Led Sleep approach. After this call, I will be sending you detailed notes including foundational changes to try along with any relevant resources/handouts. A week later, we will have a sleep plan call in which we co-create a plan to meet your sleep goals. I will be supporting you through these changes for the next four weeks including a daily check-in and summary email at the end of each week we are working together. 

Note: additional week(s) of support can be added for $100 per week


Ready to book a free 15 minute discovery call to see if this is the best support for you? 

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